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SAGA1 series radio-remote controls

successful entrance on the Dutch market.  

Three years after the introduction on the Dutch market, the SAGA1 industrial remote controls have proven to be a success. Reliable, flexible, user-friendly, and safe; these are the words that our customers use to describe the SAGA1 industrial remote controls.

The SAGA1 series consist of two separate series for the high-end as well as the low-end applications. The standard high-end series consist of two handheld/pushbutton transmitters and one joystick version. The handheld types are available with 8 (SAGA1-C2) or 12 (SAGA1-D2) pushbuttons, all 2-step for dual speed motions. The 12-pushbutton version also has two selection switches.

The joystick version (SAGA1-J) has two double-axes 5-step joysticks, each axis for controlling 5-step motions. Also there are two  pushbuttons and two selection-switches. 

Relatively new is the L-series, which consists of five pushbutton types. The L-series transmitters are very compact and partially designed for  low-end applications, like simple machinery. 

With the standard and L-series radio remote controls there is a solution for almost any application.

The transmitters and receivers are mounted in an ABS shock-proof housing with protection class IP65. For critical applications where extra reliability is mandatory, we have sets with two  transmitters, in stead of one. Although the SAGA series are of industrial quality, its always possible that the transmitter mall-functions due to a hard fall or blow with a foreign object. Considering that 95% of all mall-functions occur with the transmitter, a second transmitter offers extra reliability for only slightly higher initial costs. Down-time is limited to a minimum. In addition, SAGA sets with two transmitters are cheaper than sets with only one transmitter of almost any brand of equal quality ! By using latest production technology  we manage to keep the pricing interesting. Constant quality is assured by ISO9001.

The catalogue (Dutch !) with specifications in PDF-format can be looked in or printed by using this hyperlink:  Catalogue SAGA1

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